Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nonin Onyx 9500

Nonin 9500 Onyx Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Nonin - Oximetry Challenge

Nonin’s many time of experience in pulse oximetry innovation have led to the development of the world’s nominal character-contained digital fingertip pulse oximeter — the Nonin 9500 Onyx. Incorporating the electronics and feeler into one entity — the Nonin 9500 Onyx provides a sacrifice operative blend for blackhead-checks and abrupt-time monitoring.

Earning the commit of clinicians worldwide, the Nonin 9500 Onyx feel pulse oximeter has provided unparalleled reliability and better performance through its daily use — wherever, anytime.

Proving Accuracy & Durability

Nonin’s matchless “Pulse Quality Indicator” provides a bright and accurate assessment of pulse value. This minimizes guidance wishes and allows the fitness charge professional quickly to uncover if any interaction is mandatory — such as repositioning the badge. The Onyx is ergonomically optimized and meets testing requests ranging from adults to pediatric with identify thicknesses between 0.3 and 1.0 inches (8 mm to 26 mm).

Standard Accessories:

* 9500 Pulse Oximeter
* Lanyard thread-black, with catch
* Two AAA Alkaline Batteries
* Instruction and Service Manual

Dr. Blue says: "The 9500 is the smallest and easiest entity to use for setting monitoring of oxygen levels. It is entirely routine, consumer-sociable, and extremely accurate. Two powered the component mundane AAA alkaline batteries and has a great second-on star: embrace your name and it turns on automatically...Detach your feel and it turns itself off.

The principal shortcoming of the Onyx (compared to Nonin's elevated-priced models) is that it cannot use a remote sensor, making continual monitoring testing. Also, it has no provision for recall, or for interfacing with a copier or PC. (If you indigence those features, believe the 2500 PalmSAT.) But most home users don't need those features, and you can't beat the penalty, so it's no startle that the Onyx is by far our best-promotion pulse oximeter."

Pulse Oximetry at Your Fingertips, Anywhere, Anytime

NONIN revolutionized pulse oximetry with the Onyx. Hundreds of thousands of people cartel Onyx, the first selfcontained digital fingertip pulse oximeter. Incorporating the electronics and sensor into one item – the Onyx provides a cost-real answer to spotchecks and small-duration monitoring. Unparalleled reliability and performance that’s relaxed and affordable.

Onyx 9500 Brochure

Product highlights include:

* Proven Accuracy & Durability
Used by clinicians worldwide
* Simple
Automatic on/off procedure
* Cost Effective
No additional sensors desirable
* Versatile
Accommodates widest series of feel sizes from pediatric to adult
* Efficient
18 hours of continual use; 1600 whitehead-checks

Pulse Oximetry at Your Fingertips
The Onyx is ideal for use in any position where an immediate and accurate reading of blood oxygen saturation and pulse esteem is desirable. Never hunt for a pulse oximeter or sensor again.

Proving Performance
The portability and functionality of the Onyx makes it an useful tool in any situation where a prompt and accurate reading of blood oxygen saturation and pulse figure is wanted.

Small & Lightweight
Carry the Onyx where - on a lanyard, in a shipping instance or in your purloin. It weighs minus than 2 oz.

Large Bright LED Display
SpO2 and Pulse Rate that can be read from any turn, day or night.

Pulse Quality Indicator
Brilliant, relaxed-to-see LED provides a clever and accurate assessment of patient readings.

Pediatric to Adult Finger Sizes
Accommodates a wide vary of finger thicknesses, 0.3 - 1.0 shuffle (8 mm to 26 mm).

Automatic On/Off

Energy Efficient
Operates on two AAA alkaline batteries for about 1600 stain-checks or up to 18 hours of continual setup.

Durable & Reliable
Rugged enough for use in the most demanding situations. The Onyx has the US Army and US Air Force aeromedical certification for use in helicopters.


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