Friday, September 11, 2009

Jam Jar Cars

Jam Jar Cars JamJar Car Leasing Lombard RBS JamJarCars Cars Lease Contract Hire

Jam Jar were owned by RBS Royal Bank of Scotland who also own Lombard Fleet Management. Jam Jar leased Lombard cars to the open on delicate rent or special contract hire. Today 9th Sept 2009, Lombard announced it would close Jam What is event to all the Jam Jar body? 85 job lossed forecast at Lombard and JamJar. It is reported “Lombard has also ceased accepting new sphere within its Jamjars Cars concern, choosing to stage away from consumers to focus on businesses.”

Jam Jar’s closure follows Flexxilease or Flexilease rental shutting up store and Lex stepping out of the delicate contract hire car rent car sell in the UK. These are high-profile closures! There are few big players left in the car charter bazaar, just Nationwide car charter, Leasing options and LINGsCARS made a toll JamJar “pump up the Jam” dance on Ling’s consumer sitemap page. Click the Jam Jar at the base of the prison camp to make Ling’s customers dance!

Ling Valentine said “I am astonished they have just bunged the Jam Jar business. They had good Google rankings and got a lot of traffic. Customers looking for Jam Jar should control to LINGsCARS instead!


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