Friday, September 11, 2009

Harley Davidson Neon Sign

Harley-Davidson Winged Bar & Shield Neon Sign

Signs are everywhere, and this endorse would perhaps charm any antenna because of its warm and silky model. Yes, Harley-Davidson offers another entry that would darken up your poker scope, and it is nothing other than the Winged Bar & Shield "Live To Ride : Ride To Live" Neon Sign, which can be hung at your entertainment or recreation scope.

It strikes someone because of its originate, being spiced up by quaint shades and beautifully produced neon tubes. The tubes are actually handcrafted, and the object stands out because of the Harley Davidson Bar & Shield graphics. The graphics are best untaken with the reflection of the light from the neon, caused by the cut backers that are in black contours. This reflection makes the neon fence art unusual to the eyes.

As to the graphics, since it is a winged bar and defense, it has a vision of a white wing, and on the center has the logo of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. Above the wing is written in blond, saying, Live to Ride, while just below the wing, also printed in golden, says, Ride to Live. “Live to Ride, Ride to Live” is doubtless a motto that would charm every motorcycle gear antenna. The neon noticed also comes with an on/off wrench bind as an added include to the aerial’s entry.

Anyone who loves Harley-Davidson sport would be happy to know that here is another item to add up to their collection. This Winged Bar & Shield Neon Sign is a total decoration for their recreation span.

Harley Davidson Neon Sign

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