Sunday, September 13, 2009

Usaa Auto Insurance

USAA Auto Insurance

I was rear ended on April 22 while I was sitting at a red light in my 8 month old car . The woman (a USAA assurance addict) that hit me pressed me into the car infront of me (with my bottom still on the relax) causing my air bags to organize. The woman came out and said she was wretched and then asked if I was ok...Um no I was bleeding from the air bags. As I stood there with the teenager I hit she went back to her call and sat on the call. 2 other people helped me advocate my car off to the flank of the boulevard. The cops came to affirmed she was at question and she admited it too. There were no slew symbols viewing her stab to not hit me..She creamed me about 45-50 mph. She never made a shot to see if we were all alright also after it first happened. She sat in her car the absolute time on her faction headset.

That was just the tip of the iceburg...The next day I called my insurance party to follow up with the note I had left from the night before. They told me that outward she was at slipup her insurance company is the one responsible for paying for everything. So I went to rented a car so I could get my life back on imprints and tried to exchange the lady that hit me to get her allege number, and I never got ahold of her. That was until she called back by accident.

I was told that they would pay for the leasing car not to fret. Well one week goes by, and I don't gather anything then I get a call from Donald H stating that my car was an entire passing. He said that they would deal me 10,200 for my car so I told him before I allow to any number he wanted to fling me the recount. He compared my car to cars that were the same example but had wholly superior miles or different skin. I called him back telltale him that I would not resolve for any less then 12K. Nevertheless after forking out over 600 for the payment car I took the settlement that he raised by a little bit. I still got screwed out of 2,200. And to get my new car I had to end paying off that 2200.

He told me that they would pay me back for the taxes on the new car, but of course not the satisfied total. I got one restrain for part of the quantity made out to me and the old lein pocket. I called him back to see what the ensure was for, and to see where the tax invoice was and he said that he would convey it. I brought up the verity that it was made out to me a the old lein vessel, he stated that since there was money left on the lein that I needed to forward the ensure down to them (the old lein possessor) and have them money it and then send it back. I told him that the lein was rewarded off and I have the lein with the salaried stamp on it in my hands. He then stated that he didn't know that and that I had to determine that the lein was salaried off before I could get the test cut in my name only.

I got a little pissed at him and he hung up on me...So I called him back and of course got his voicemail. I told him to block payment ont the 2 checks that were made out to me and the lein possessor and that I would fax the proof that the old lein was salaried off (which that was not on any of the letters I got). That night I went home and got the lein and faxed it first thing in the morning. Knowing that it takes them 24 hours to get the fax I called later the next day. He was not in his agency and left superstar elses number to friend if we had any questions. I contacted her and never got an answer. So the next day I called again and there was a different number for a different any one to exchange...So I contacted her. She DID call me back and over nighted me the bill. I then told her that Donald is dire and a total A. She said she was sorry and that the invoice would be sent ASAP. If it was not for her, I would still be waiting. I am still waiting to sink up on my vanished wages and other money. Nevertheless trade with USAA has been the worst experience I have ever had.


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