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Hello Richard! I should your help! I was rear-ruined on April 1, 2009. We were almost to an achieve break when we were struck. The other celebrate said that she had accidentally put gas instead of breaks, and crunched the back of our 2007 Honda Civic. This car has 30k and we just purchased it deferred December 2008.

We chose our refurbish store got an assess and met with the adjuster. We left our car to be repaired with prompt request to have OEM parts. The darn store said the indemnity visitors will commonly not approve this with a vehicle as old as ours, but, IT IS NEW TO US!

We normal a test from the indemnity group for 20$ minus than the valuation from the body store with the aftermarket replacement parts. The difference would be about another hundred dollars for OEM. It is certainly not a lot of money off, the thing is though, 2 weeks ago my car was 100% Honda... I would not have purchased a vehicle that had been in an accident. I want this car repaired to what it was, AND I don't think I should have to pay even $120.00. It was not my omission!

We contacted the indemnity circle in symbols that this was not acceptable, they called us and said that OEM is against party procedure. I don't know what to do. I want my car back the way it was.

I know also that there will be diminished cost as the car will not be accident boundless. What kind of compensation should I think from this? As I said before I would not have purchased this vehicle had it been in an accident. I used 2 distinct cure companies to ensure my vehicle patent.

OMNI Insurance is who the at failing character had as their indemnity business. They have been very brief with us this intact time. They demanded that we propel them a duplicate of the Police report before they would allow us to have a payment car. I refused and fought with the adjuster and finally he put thru our hire car. It has been a frustrating experience.

I have contacted OMNI since they have refused the OEM parts. I contacted the retrieve representative’s supervisor and I have left a message.

Next, I hurt my back in the accident. It is very sore and is restricting my travel. I have been to the physician and was prescribed muscle relaxers and keen Advil. I don't want to last leaving to the doctor (due to no indemnity all is out of pinch) but I don't want to have an ongoing conundrum!

Can you help? I know this is a lot of questions, but I just don’t know what to do. I feel like we are being treated unfairly and I want to make steady our car is back to pre-accident order and that the checkup bills I do incur are paid. Plus, I think that having a sore back for several weeks with partial mobility should be compensated. I just want there had been no accident, I’m steady that is what everyone says.

Thank you so much!

Hi Bethany,

You must understand that the insurance adjuster does not tension about you or your take. Only settleing the allege for as little as expected. In most states an insurance comapny is allowed to use aftermarket parts on any car that is more than one year old. You can moreover ask the body shop to lower the cost of the OEM parts or you can pay the difference your character. There uis not much you can do otherwise.

As for your injury, yiu should presume the same dealing. You request will likely be matured for just a few dollars above the actual medical outlay. You can negotiate but they will be tough. In most gear the more therapy you have the more, your collect value. Since you are paying manually it will be hard for you to seek the satisfied treatment you likely penury. Unfortunately, you just have to do the best you can and negotiate the best contract workable.

I faith the helps
Richard Hixenbaugh

Report: Omni Insurance Group

Between this mos. Of Aug.-Sept2007...This has actually been this consumer's time of "ghastly" nighmare. 'Cause you see...For me...I got "re-billed"(thru the USA Mail) for 2 mos. That were already pd. Forack in Feb. 2007 too.

I've even wrote them letter(s) but they don't react back...Excluding to imagine more money too.

Also, I mailed out my payment of $180.25 (full price that was mailed) & I told them (thru the correspondence)that was to father back my mo. Payment opening on Aug. 24,2007 - Feb.24, 2008.

And I also told them to renounce asking for any more money too.

I even sent them the "clone" of my insurance card...That states that my insurance was to expire: on Aug. 24, 2007.

Nevertheless no....I'm still not "straightened" out on this "chaos"at all...According to their "rotten" letters that they're still sending me either.

I've also curved them into...Consumer Affairs(on-line too). And they'll doubtless take some legal action against them too.

This is the lst time that they've "messed" my acct. Up...Since I signed up with them in Summer 1996.

Weaver, Alabama


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