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Monitor Screen Magnifier

US Patented 6144418 - Computer panel divider shade and dynamically adjustable magnifier


It is well appreciated that the unbroken observation of a laptop examine can instigate eyestrain to the client. The limited extent of the barrier, coupled with the regularly large quantity of figures appearing thereon, regularly leads to difficulty in viewing. And because such monitors are often worn in environments, such as offices, having high levels of ambient lighting, shine and reflections can added contribute to view difficulties.

There have been solutions to such evils. Glare shades live which guard the divider from ambient lighting. Screen magnifiers subsist which multiply the evident series, and thus the visibility of supervise imagery. Yet there have been heretofore no procedure which adopt a supervise show guard which can be worn with an adjustable magnifier as a perfect routine.

It is accordingly a resolve of the stage invention to impart a superior observer cover shade.

An additional function of the display invention is to bestow a joint check test shade and adjustable magnifier.

An auxiliary rationale of the grant invention is to supply a pooled watch examine shade and adjustable magnifier which is clearly installed leading an observer, remnants in place thereon, and which allows dynamic adjustment of the magnifier magnification without the essential for removal or realignment of the shield.

Yet a extra object of the near invention is to give a mutual watch cover shade and adjustable magnifier which is convenient and effective to manufacture, and which may be collapsed or disassembled for compact packing and storeroom.


In accordance with the above and other things and purposes, a notebook cover test glower shade and magnifier constructed in accordance with the display invention composes a check protect shimmer shade having trait and top shade portions which is affixed to and extends promote from the top and periphery edges of a laptop overseer. Means are provided to fit the shade about the sides of the watch in a light-severe style and simultaneously to allocate the broadcast shade to be worn with monitors of differing housing sizes. A check magnifier may be mounted to the transmit shade, and is adjustably positionable at unstable distances from the observe display, whereby the magnification provided by the magnifier may be adjusted in accordance with the customer's desires. Lock means may be provided to uphold the magnifier at the beloved vastness from the hide. The panel glower shade may compose two or more interfitting sections to promote consenting the shade to accommodate monitoring of differing sizes.


A fuller understanding of the award invention will be accomplished ahead consideration of the next thorough description of a preferred, but, nonetheless illustrative embodiment of the invention, when reviewed with the annexed drawings, where:

FIG. 1 is an exploded perspective survey of a joint shoot shimmer shade and magnifier of the submit invention vacant in associated with a notebook supervise;

FIG. 2 is a perspective vista of the invention depicted in FIG. 1 installed on a check;

FIG. 3 is an aspect consider in elevation full along line 3--3 of FIG. 2;

FIG. 4 is a design perceive in segment full along line 4--4 of FIG. 2; and

FIG. 5 is a perspective behold of an alternative embodiment of the display glower shade of the invention.


With mention to the Figures, a combined shield dazzle shade and magnifier 10 of the introduce invention composes a select glower shade 12 and a divider magnifier 14. The shimmer shade 12 is adapted to mount leading a computer observe 16 and may also espousal the magnifier 14 in front of the overseer select 18. The protect magnifier is adjustably positionable with admire to its space from the observe shield 18 to supply for dynamic erratic magnification as beloved by the customer.

Glare shade 12 is preferably of inverted U-shaped construction, with feature bulwark 20 and top pile 22. Both the periphery stockade and top barrier cast forwardly from the supervise conceal 18, as seen in FIG. 2, to shade the examine from ambient light. The width of top barrage 22 between the margin stockade 20, as well as the segment of the fringe parapet 20, are selected to allocate the dazzle shade 12 thickly to embrace the corresponding sides of the check. Alternately, and as shall be explained infra, the shade 12 may be adjustable to tolerate it to conform to variously-sized monitors.

The frown shade 12 is tightly affixed to the supervise, such as by using complimentary hook and circle toggle basics 24a and b mounted to the interior external of the shade top enclose 22 and a corresponding location on the overseer top. A twosome of rigid strip stops 26 may be located on the inside shell of the region parapet 20 to adjust the shine shade forwardly of the check project. The strips 26 stretch substantially the duration of the area bulwark and may be comparable to 1.5 inches wide. The strips phone the front face of the observe cabinet, as best seen in FIG. 4, to well align and orient the glower shade in front of the examine divide as well as to impart a light barrier between the frown shade and the sides of the screen. The width of the strips accommodate monitors of differing widths, maintaining the light barrier between the check and glower shade sides while allowing apposite positioning of the shade. As exposed in the Figures, the strips may contain a binding leg 26a, which is mounted to the sidewall. Alternately the strips may be fabricated integrally with the sidewall which may be constructed of any appropriate rigid substance, such as forced.

Screen magnifier 14 may compose normally rectangular magnifier quantity 28 mounted within a scaffold or bezel 30. The magnifier and bezel are dimensioned to permit the magnifier to be mounted within the sides and top of the shine shade 12. The frown shaded 12 is provided with positioning means, such as longitudinal slots 32 through which threaded pins 34 of adjustment means 36 propel. The pins 34 mate with corresponding threaded bores 38 on the divergent sides of the bezel 30 and thus bolster the magnifier 14 within the shine shade 12 and permit it to be positioned at a preferred separate from the screen to restrain magnification. The adjustment means 36 compose knobs 40, from which the pins project, which allocate the adjustment means to be increasingly threaded into the respective bores 38, whereby the inner shell of the knobs 40 homely up against the respective border walls 20 to releasably fasten the screen magnifier at the preferred position. Alternative adjustment means, such as a roadway procedure, may also be employed.

The frown shaded 12 may alternately be made adjustable to accommodate a strain of monitor sizes which stretch afar the size accommodation provided by the strip stops 26. As depicted in FIG. 5, the glare shade 12 may be constructed of two L-shaped leg portions 42, 44, each with a portion crucial a high quality divider 20 as well as a portion 46 forming a portion of the top envelope 22. The top portions 46 are united together by intermediate casing portion 48. The tops of the top portions 46 are inserted into the opposed open trimmings of the covering 48, which is dimensioned to afford a close friction fit with the portions 46. The L-shaped legs may be slid together or distant within the skin 48 as essential properly to accommodate the width of a monitor between the boundary walls 20. Fastening means, such as a degree of a complementary hook and round closure procedure 24, may be located on the base surface of the skin 48 to mount the shade 12 to the monitor.

The top portions 46 may be dimensioned substantially to delimit the width of the glare screen, as depicted, or alternately the casing 48 may be of substantial chunk to attend as the glare screen top. In such a casing the top portions 46 of the L-shaped legs may be of lesser strip, sufficient simply to provide the desired range of adjustability past the part of the cover.

The magnifier 14 would typically be sized in association with the least width monitor with which the apparatus is proposed to be worn. To accommodate wider monitors, the threaded pins 34 may be of wholesale length, and may be provided with a plurality of cylindrical spacers which can be worn to provide contacts between the side border 20 and the magnifier bezel 30. Alternately, the shade form depicted in FIG. 5 may be used not to provide adjustability, but to allow the machine 10, and particularly the shade 12, to be disassembled and collapsed for compact storeroom and shipping. In such a reason, it may be advisable to dimension the top portions 46 of the L-shaped legs 42, 44 such that the equal length corresponds quite to the width of the monitor with which the method is to be used. In such a task, the sheathing 48 serves substantially to link the portions 46 together typically with their ends abutting within the sleeve. The portions 42, 46 may be advanced created with a central crux 50 between the horizontal and vertical portions, allowing the portions to be folded fixed for shipping and storage. The shade constructed may spread alternately be formed in the mold of a rectangle, with both top and floor portions to wrap entirely about the monitor. In such a case both the height, as well as the width, can be made adjustable.


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