Thursday, September 10, 2009

Aeron Chair Uk

Aeron Chair UK: Top Performance Office Chair

With all the different chairs on the market there is one that stands out from all the rest. This is the Aeron chair UK. UK's top selling office chair has become the overall favorite for any office worker any where. This means from hospitals to commercial buildings across the globe, the Aeron chair is there.

The sleek style and rock solid performance of the Aeron chair UK has so many people using this chair today. It just looks like it will do its job. You no longer have to worry about the meeting going over and walking away with a sore back. The ergonomic design is made to do away with fatigue and discomfort. The dimensions are perfect for anyone.

The Aeron chair UK comes in three different sizes. The smaller framed person may want the size A. The overall dimensions of the chair are just slightly smaller than the other two sizes. The size B chair is the average size. This chair will accommodate those of average stature. The seating is deeper, and the overall height is more for the higher back. For the larger, tall person the C size chair is perfect. This chair can be raised higher off the ground and the overall dimensions are a much better fit for someone with a large frame.

No matter whether you work in the hospital or the local factory, if you need a quality office chair for your work the Aeron chair UK is the perfect one. The looks are impressive. This chair just seems to fit in any setting. The actual fact is with the material the seating is made of the chair blends into any decor. This material also is breathable. It lets the light and air pass right through. How many times have you been forced to sit in a chair because of long hours of work and found yourself sweating? The Aeron chair UK will allow the air to flow through so you do not get overheated. This is great for winter time as well, because being in the chair does not cut you off from the heat. The air can circulate around you keeping you warmer if need be.

The best office chair is the Aeron chair UK. It seems to be the chair of choice for so many professionals. You can find one which will be the best fit for you and your work space. Take a look at what this simple chair can do for you.

Aeron Chair
There are three sizes of Aeron chair, and the one that suits you best will depend upon both your height and your weight. In some cases more than one model could be comfortable.

The Aeron chair has been designed in three sizes – all with identical performance capabilities. These three sizes combined with their active adjustments, allow the Aeron chair to fit virtually anyone in a broader range of the anthropometric scale, from the 1st percentile female through to the 99th percentile male.

The extensive range of adjustments ensures the Aeron chair provides a tailored fit for each individual user. The adjustment controls are easy to reach and operate from a seated position. Icons clearly indicate the function of each control.

The two stage pneumatic lift provides a greater range of seat height adjustment than for other chairs. The size A chair adjusts from 363-495mm and the B and C chairs from 385-545mm.

• The tilt tension adjustment lets the user control the resistance felt while leaning back.

• The forward tilt adjustment positions the chair 5 degrees forward.

• The tilt limiter allows the user to control the tilt range without being locked in a single position.

• The armrest can be independently adjusted vertically and laterally for correct arm alignment with the task.

• The lumbar pad can be adjusted vertically and its depth can be set at 19 or 31mm.


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